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New Mexico's Wildlife Disease Ecology Laboratory


About Us

We are an interdisciplinary lab that uses genetics, microbiology, and ecological tools to study infectious diseases in wildlife. We are based in the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Ecology at New Mexico State University. The lab performs research on wildlife in the state of New Mexico and beyond. In addition to research, we also engage in outreach with the public through technical consultation and outreach activities. The laboratory is led by Dr. Obed 'OHG' Hernández-Gómez.

Lab News


Check this section for recent news from our lab!

New Students!

The Lab welcomes Nathan Green and Jebosh Solis Guzman as new MS Students!

New Home!

Welcome to the OHG Lab's new website! With our move to NMSU comes a revitalized look and agenda. You may notice the inclusion of mammals, birds, and fish into the new lab logo. That's because our focus is now all wildlife disease ecology in New Mexico and beyond!
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