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We are a genetics/microbiology lab studying disease ecology, microbial ecology, and immunogenetics of amphibians. We are based at Dominican University of California in San Rafael, CA. Our research explores the microbial diversity and genetics of North American amphibians. 

Lab News

New Pub!


The lab has a new technical comment in Science! Dr. OHG is a contributing author on a comment of Scheele et al., 2019. The team attempted to replicate Scheele's analysis, but where not able to recreate their results. You can follow this conversation in Science (check out a link in the Publications tab!)

New Pub!


The lab has a new publication in PeerJ! Dr. Hernandez-Gomez is the first author on an investigation into the effects of invasive Eucalyptus on the skin microbiome and body condition of Bay Area salamanders. This is a collaborative project in the Rosenblum Lab at UC Berkeley

New Home!


The lab has a new home! I am excited to announce that I've accepted an assistant professor position at Dominican University of California. Stay tuned for more information regarding the transition.


More news on the way.


155 Palm Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901

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Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

School of Health and Natural Sciences

Dominican University of California

155 Palm Avenue

San Rafael, CA 94901

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