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Alison White

Undergraduate Research Assistant

BSc Biology Student

Professional Preparation

DUC NSM Research Methodology Series

Conservation Biology

International Field Biology in Costa Rica

Molecular Cell Biotechnology 

Comparative Anatomy

Research Internship

Research Assistant (Protas Lab) 

A Bit About Me

I joined the lab through the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Research Methodology Program. I am participating in infectious disease PCR assay testing and characterization of the skin microbiome of woodland salamanders, as well as researching pond turtle microbiomes. I have a deep interest in all things living and am interested in becoming a genetic engineer. 

IMG_2346 2.HEIC

Research Projects

Microbiomes of Western Pond Turtles

Alison has been involved in a project aimed at characterizing the microbiomes of western pond turtles in the Bay Area.



Field Skills

Wildlife sampling 

Transect sampling 

Wildlife disease sampling

Mark recapture


Laboratory Skills

DNA extraction



RNA extraction

DNA quality control 

Next generation sequencing library preparation 


In Review

Internal and external microbiomes of native and invasive turtles from the San Francisco Bay Area, California. FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Professional Presentations

Poster Presentations


Microbiomes of a Native Threatened Turtle and Invasive Turtle are Impacted by Land Use. Bay Area Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases 2023

Microbiomes of a Native Threatened Turtle and Invasive Turtle are Impacted by Land Use. Dominican University of California Scholarly and Creative Works Conference 2023

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