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Aria Norwood

Undergraduate Research Assistant

BSc Chemistry Student

Professional Preparation

DUC-NSM Research Methodology Series

Organic Chemistry 

Quantitative Analysis

A Bit About Me

My name is Aria Norwood and I am a pre-med chemistry major with a minor in microbiology. I recently transferred to Dominican this fall as a junior. In the future, I plan on attending medical school for dermatology and/or earning my master's degree in chemistry. I am excited to study herpetology with Dr. OHG and the class for the rest of my time here at Dominican!


Research Projects

Skin Microbiomes of Terrestrial Salamanders

Aria is working on studying the skin microbiomes of salamander populations experiencing wildfires in the Bay Area.


Field Skills

Salamander Collection

Salamander Marking

Microbiome/Disease Sampling

Laboratory Skills

DNA Extractions

PCR and qPCR


Infrared Spectroscopy

UV/Visible Spectroscopy


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