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Jadyn Jamora

Undergraduate Research Assistant

BSc Biology Student

Professional Preparation

DUC-NSM Research Methodology Series

A Bit About Me

I’m  currently a sophomore on the pre-med track. This is my first year within the OHG lab and I’m passionate about the microbial research we will be doing. I remember I had heard that OHG’s lab could possibly see the evolution of bacteria. This had sparked my curiosity. Understanding bacterial characteristics and their evolution can further our understanding into medicine.


Research Projects

Disease Ecology of Terrestrial Salamanders

Jadyn is working on studying the prevalence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis on salamander populations experiencing wildfires in the Bay Area.



Field Skills

Salamander Collection

Salamander Marking

Microbiome/Disease Sampling

Laboratory Skills

DNA Extractions

PCR and qPCR



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