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Madison Giannetto

Undergraduate Research Assistant

BSc Biology Student

Professional Preparation

Computational Biology

Advanced Genetics 

Disease Ecology 

Conservation Biology

Molecular Cell Biotechnology

Cell Biology Teaching Assistant

Research Methodology Intern

A Bit About Me

Madison joined the lab through the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Research Methodology Program. She plays tennis for the Universities Division II team and serves on the Penguin Student Athlete Advisory Committee as the Community Service and Outreach Lead.  Her career objective is to do clinical research with in-utero genetics to test and treat fetuses for genetic diseases before they are born.


Research Projects

Microbiomes of Western Pond Turtles

Madison has been involved in a project aimed at characterizing the microbiomes of western pond turtles in the Bay Area.



Data Analysis

Experienced in multivariate statistics and regression analysis, computational language proficiency in R, Unix, and Python

Laboratory Skills

DNA/RNA isolation, conventional PCR, DNA/RNA extraction, passage of cultures, quantification of microorganisms using hemocytometer and spectrophotometry, bacterial isolation, next generation sequencing library preparation  



White, A., Giannetto, M., Mulla, L., Del Rosario, A., Lim, T., Culver, E., Timmer, M., Bushell, J., Lambert, M., & O. Hernández-Gómez. Accepted. Bacterial communities of the threatened Western Pond Turtle maybe impacted by land use. FEMS Microbiology Ecology.

Professional Presentations

Poster Presentations


Microbiomes of a Native Threatened Turtle and Invasive Turtle are Impacted by Land Use. Bay Area Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases 2023

Microbiomes of a Native Threatened Turtle and Invasive Turtle are Impacted by Land Use. Dominican University of California Scholarly and Creative Works Conference 2023

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