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Reuben Oumnov

Graduate Research Assistant

MS Biology Student

Professional Preparation

BSc Dominican University of California 2022

A Bit About Me

Reuben is a first year master's student in bioinformatics. Reuben is helping evaluate the effect of MHC class IIB genes on the gut and skin microbiomes of frogs. Reuben is using tools such as QIIME2 and R to process the DNA sequencing data and perform biostatistics.

Research Projects

Immunogenetics of Western Pond Turtles

Development of Immunogenetic Tools

Reuben is working on assembling and annotating RNAseq data in order to characterize the Buffy coat transcriptome of western pond turtles 

Reuben is helping with the development of immunogenetics tools to evaluate the population genetics of western pond turtles


Sakr, NI, Kizilkaya, O, Carlson, SF, Chan, S, Oumnov, RA, Catano, J, Kurtz, RL, Hall, RW, Poliakoff, ED, & Sprunger, PT. 2021. Formation of Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals (EPFRs) on the Phenol-Dosed α-Fe2O3(0001) Surface. The Journal of Physical Chemistry 125 (40): 21882-21890.

Galloni AR, Samadzelkava A, Hiremath, K, Oumnov, R, and Milstein, AD. 2022. Recurrent Excitatory Feedback from Mossy Cells Enhances Sparsity and Pattern Separation in the Dentate Gyrus via Indirect Feedback Inhibition. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 16:826278.

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